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Going back to school has never been easier with these three time-saving tips from 莫莉女仆. Streamline your morning routine with these back to school tips.

  1. Have your kids pick out their clothes for the week on Sunday. Get dressed, eat, brush your teeth, check your backpack and head out. Routines get established when decisionWoman smiling holding notebooks making is limited. Help automate your morning routine by helping your kids pick out clothes for the week. It can also help identify any items that need to be washed.
  2. Pre-pack lunches a week at a time. Preparing lunches with juice boxes, snacks and your kid's favorite items a week at a time is a simple way to save time when going back to school.
  3. Have bath time at night. By making bath time a leisurely activity to help your child wind down at night instead of something to rush and get done in the morning, you save time when it’s most precious.

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